Lay this aside for me.

I thought you'd speak French better than Juha.


He has been waiting for an hour.

I heard you say that this morning.

Neil Armstrong is one of only 12 people that have walked on the Moon's surface.


It's just a waste of time.

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You're depressed, aren't you?

Again the frog turned into Vasilissa, the wise maiden.

The scent of musk is one of the best smells there is.

I knew exactly what to do.

Suzan has no intention of staying in Boston for the rest of his life.

He asked me on a date.

Sanjib doesn't want to ever leave Boston.

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We finished the homework in no time at all.


Naomi and Randal plan to be together for the rest of their lives.


Please don't behave like a child.


I make it a rule to do some exercise before breakfast.

This is where I brought my girlfriend on our first date.

The Tequila Sunrise is made with orange juice, tequila, and grenadine.

I hope you enjoy the show.

I approve of her plan.

He unfurled the flag and laid it on his bed so that he could roll his piglet in it.

I think this is dumb.

That's something I've always wanted to do.

She didn't tell me anything.

I have to climb this mountain.

I've got you.


Even if we're late, it doesn't bother us.

She talks about everything with her parents.

Sanand is throwing a party next Saturday.

He said nothing as to my request.

What you did took guts.

After she filled out the application, the records clerk told her that the fee was eight dollars.

You want to drink tea or coffee?

What was he doing exactly?

Christofer is very energetic, isn't he?

Toby looks like he doesn't know what to do.

What did Marci forget?

He seldom writes to his father.

I'm inconsolable.

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Is that some kind of joke?

I'm beginning to regret hiring Vice.

I bet you're hungry.

I can't understand your organization.

Fear hath a hundred eyes.


A ball hit her right leg.


There, my little doll, take it. Eat a little and listen to my sorrow. I must go to the hut of the old Baba Yaga in the dark forest to borrow some fire and I fear she will eat me. Tell me! What shall I do?

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How's it coming?

Helge won't let us help him.

Keep an eye on your wallet.

Subra kept working.

Dan didn't even go to the party.

I knew you were going to do that.

Don't put bell peppers in the bento.


It really is nice.

It's a full time job.

Seymour is still in shock.

In fact, there is a joke about passport photos: If you really look like the picture in your passport, you certainly need a vacation!

What's your favorite painting medium?

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Mr. Smith should have told the truth.

Her harsh manner of speaking doesn't suit her pretty face.

That's an incredible story.

Newspapers lay scattered all over the floor.

It's clear that you're wrong.

In my opinion, happiness has a few fundamental requirements.

I am very pleased to receive this from you.

What seems to be the problem, officer?

Matthieu pulled out into the traffic.

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This is what I found.


I hope your business trip to France was successful.

You should read as many books as you can.

I've never done it like that before.

The earthquake created a tremendous sea wave.

This model can be combined with any color.

Margot and his uncle walked together in silence.

I asked them to fix my car.

What he's doing is against the law.

Does ALC's web site include an archive of English expressions?

That boils down to the same thing.

Gregge tried hard to live up to his parents' expectations.

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What did you study?

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I'll be visiting Japan again in a few years.

As far as I know, he is an honest man.

Did Karl's dog ever bite Farouk?

How many hours is the flight?

A pessimist doesn't expect to be kissed by anyone.

The travelers stayed at a seaside hotel.

They weren't hungry.

I will go, be the weather what it may.

I am an atheist.

When she was young, she was very beautiful.

Good day. How are you today?


Mysore asked Sassan if she enjoyed reading murder mysteries.

I'm going to stay.

My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.

I'll go get that.

Max and Edgar are planning to get a divorce.

There should be more people here by now.

I can't remember anything about that night.


I'm not sure if I should even try to convince Norbert.

That could happen here if we're not careful.

Lenora gave Sean a dollar.

I'd like for you to help me.

More modern buildings are safer than older ones.

When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.

We're normal.

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She wakes up at six every morning.

All the colour went from Shoichi's face.

He's every bit as clever as his friend.

I am reckless.

She participates in many school activities.

Did you use my camera?

I like this saying.


You must study English every day.

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Can we have another round, please?


I'd never do that with her.

Nici doesn't know that he's adopted.

I'd like to try one of those cookies.

Unfair advantage was taken of Bill's weakness.

I didn't expect all this.

There are people drowning in debt.

Let's wait on the porch.

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That store supplies us with coffee.


Louie barely touched his food.


What's your favorite programming language?

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Please take your time before deciding what to do.

I lost my keys.

You have a wife, don't you?

Anyone can tell the truth, but only very few of us can make epigrams.

Michael showed me his new car.

I hope you don't get lost.

Anthony seldom wears his black shirt.

It looks like it's quarter past ten now.

"What was for lunch?" "Billy's delicious pumpkin soup. The pot was empty in no time at all."


Hold on to the rail while going down these stairs.

He looks just like a skeleton.

Would you excuse us?

Can you change a ten-peso bill for me?

A good neighbor is better than a bad relative.

She took over the will of him.

You're not helping at all.


The man takes the horses to the water.

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A molecule is made up of atoms.

My name is Robert Johnson.

I know neither of them.

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Well.. She said, that you wrote them back to Laura.


I am 12 years old.

Is this supposed to be funny?

She has a lot of books.

I've been cheated before.

I don't have any pity for such a fool.


Leora usually drinks red wine.

There's a mini mall on Park Street.

Nobody wants to buy a house in my country.

Why are you talking about money?

Come on now, stop whimpering all the time, let's go somewhere for a change of mood.


She asked him to come into her house.

I'll send it to you tomorrow.

He might change his mind.


I want you to go with them.

Maybe we should stay right here.

My younger brother is still sleeping.


I think each of us played a part in inviting today's confusion.